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It is located in a position between the rectum and the anus, under the level of the pelvic diaphragm. It is situated in the anal triangle of the perineum, between the left and right ischioanal fossa. Is a health blogger focusing on health, beauty, lifestyle and fitness topics. Com since 2012 and has written and reviewed well over 500 coherent articles. Points of identification 1) mucosa has a characteristic surface relief of 5-10 longitudinal folds,. Social points of identification 1) mucosa has a characteristic surface relief of 5-10 longitudinal folds,. Watermark will not be present in purchased tiff patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal are generally treated with wide local. The anal canal is the terminal segment of the large intestine between the rectum and anus, located below the level of the pelvic diaphragm. It is located within the anal triangle of perineum, between the right and left ischioanal fossa. As the final functional segment of the bowel, it functions to regulate release of excrement by two muscular sphincter complexes. The aperture at the terminal portion of the anal canal is known as the anus. Anal fistula an abnormal channel developing between the anus and the skin of the buttocks. Inflammatory bowel disease (crohns and ulcerative colitis) or previous surgery are common causes.   anal canal, the terminal portion of the digestive tract, distinguished from the rectum because of the transition of its internal surface from a mucous membrane layer (endodermal) to one of skinlike tissue (ectodermal).   the anal canal is the area between the rectum and the anus, and is where the large intestine, and technically the digestive system, ends. 5 inches (4 cm) long and is surrounded by a sphincter, a muscle that controls the opening and closing of the canal. 1 it is the area between the anal verge and the junction of the stratified cuboidal and columnar epithelium (dentate line). 2 it is lined by squamous epithelium in the lower anal canal below which sebaceous glands and hair follicles arise but changes to stratified cuboidal and, finally, columnar epithelium of the rectum. Fissures a fissure is a tear in the anal canal that can be very painful. Fistulae a fistula is an abnormal channel between two parts of the body, such as the anus and the skin. Swelling in the anal sphincter ulcers an ulcer is a hole or sore in the lining of a structure, such as the anal muscles. Anal fistula is a small pus-filled cavity in and around the anus area. Very often it is caused by infection of the internal glands and sometimes it can be caused by bacteria. In rare cases fecal particles (hardened) can clog together to block the anal cavity forming abscess inside the anal canal or.

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