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Anal sex with lotion unkown recently me and my gf has been involved in anal sex with a condom but recently we ran out of lube and have been using hand lotion. So im wonderin what are the consequences of participating in anal sex usin hand lotion. If you arent a fan of lubes or do not want to purchase them for personal reasons, you can still use lotion, but there are things you should remember. Perfumed lotions can easily cause infections, but unscented ones are comparatively safer. Yes, there is nothing in this lotion that will stop you from being able to use it as a personal lubrication. There are some lotions that should never be used for a lube because of there ingredients. Some people might assume that because a product is moisturising it can be used as a lubricant,. How many tv shows have you seen where an adolescent boy is using hand lotion to. It feels great, but we want to know if its safe to use it often instead of the regular lube. We got really horny but we forgot to bring equipment so we just used what was readily available. And before someone screams pregnant, fyi i am on birth control and he pulled out. We talk about all the different household materials that people use as lube, including coconut oil, lotion,.   4 - lotion dries faster, so you have to apply it more often. Having said all this it is possible to use hand lotion if you find out you ran out of lube. However, you should avoid using hand lotion because it simply is not designed for the same purpose as anal lube. No, it will not, as long as you wash whatever you used to put the lotion up there after youre done. Lotion doesnt contain any bacteria that can colonise the inside of your butt. If you somehow cross-contaminate and get poop bacteria in the lotio. It is also vegan and doubles as a silicone lube (which means its extra slippery,.).

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