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  anal glands and transitional zone epithelium are ck7 ck20-, different from colorectal carcinoma (ck7- ck20, arch pathol lab med 20011251074) notes ganglion cells are normally absent 1 - 2 cm above dentate line (important for hirschsprungs disease biopsies) multinucleated stromal cells are common (may be fibroblasts). The anal glands or anal sacs are small glands near the anus in many mammals, including dogs and cats. They are paired sacs on either side of the anus between the external and internal sphincter muscles. Sebaceous glands within the lining secrete a liquid that is used for identification of members within a species. These sacs are found in many carnivorans, including wolves, bears, sea otters and kinkajous. A chemical study of the secretion of the anal glands of mephitis mephitiga (common skunk), with remarks on the physiological properties of this secretion. Alpha-methyl-quinoline as a constituent of the secretion of the anal glands of mephitis mephitica.   purpose this study was designed to investigate the histology of adult anal glands using conventional as well as immunochemical methods. Methods fifteen fresh human ani were prepared and stained with conventional and immunohistologic stains. Results the median number of anal glands in each anus was six (range, 310). Each anal gland has an associated duct that opens to the skin surface just lateral to the anus. 136,155 normal anal gland secretions have only very recently been described 47 and vary markedly the color can be white, brown, orange, yellow, tan or gray, and consistency can range from watery to thick and creamy, with two thirds of cats having solid portions within the secretion. Author information (1)department of colorectal surgery, singapore general hospital. Purpose this study was designed to investigate the histology of adult anal glands using conventional as well as immunochemical methods. Author achudhan karunaharamoorthy reviewer dimitrios mytilinaios md, phd last reviewed may 20, 2020 the anal canal is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. It is about 3 to 4 cm long and lies completely extraperitoneally. It begins at the anorectal junction distally from the perineal flexure and ends at the anus. The stratified squamous epithelium gradually accumulates sebaceous and apocrine glands. Anal stretching or fisting is pleasurable for some, but it poses a more serious threat of damage due to the deliberate stretching of the anal and rectal tissues. 14,15 the anal gland ducts are located at about 4 oclock and 8 oclock and open into the anal. Hepatoid glands (also called circumanal, perianal glands) are presumed to be modified sebaceous glands based on histology,. The anal canal is the site where there is a transition from the simple columnar epithelium of the colon to the stratified squamous epithelium of skin (the pectinate line).

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