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Anal sacs, or anal glands, carry some smelly fluid and occasionally need to be expressed, or emptied. Many dogs express them by themselves every time they poop the sacs are around a dogs anus but occasionally the sacs fill with fluid and your dog needs some help to release the fluid. Expressing dogs anal glands is relatively straightforward but can get tricky. Heres a step-by-step on how to drain anal glands on dogs by yourself. James bascharon shows how to easily express your dogs anal glands at home the veterinarian recommended way. This video is hosted by a veterinarian showing both the internal and external ways. Your dogs anal glands are two grape-shaped glands located just below the anus to either side. The pheromones they secrete give canines vital information about one another, including health, age, and sex. Dog anal glands issues are not life-threatening but can cause discomfort and pain for the animal. Dogs and cats primarily use their anal gland secretions to mark their territory, and generally will secrete small amounts of fluid every time they defecate. Many will often express these glands when anxious or frightened as well. The consistency of the fluid ranges from thin, watery secretions to thick, gritty paste.   internal anal gland expression heres a good video, where our friends at glandex show you how to express your dogs anal glands at home. An anal abscess is a painful condition in which a collection of pus develops near the anus. Most anal abscesses are a result of infection from small anal glands. Anal glands or anal sacs are located on either side of your dogs anus they usually drain naturally every time your pup has a bowel movement. Sometimes, anal glands dont express themselves the way they should, and the result is a buildup of fluid.

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