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An anal fistula is defined as a small tunnel with an internal opening in the anal canal and an external opening in the skin near the anus. The surgery may be performed in more than one stage if a large amount of muscle must be cut. After having surgery to remove an anal fistula, you should be able to move around and eat and drink after the effects of the anaesthetic painkilling medication have worn off. If the fistula is relatively simple to operate on, you may be able to go home on the same day as the surgery. Surgery for an anal fistula is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. In many cases, its not necessary to stay in hospital overnight afterwards. The aim of surgery is to heal the fistula while avoiding damage to the sphincter muscles, the ring of muscles that open and close the anus, which could potentially result in loss of bowel control (bowel incontinence). The type of surgery you need will depend on where the fistula is. If the fistula is below or crosses the lower part of the sphincter muscles (the muscles around your anal canal that control when you open your bowels), your surgeon will cut the fistula open to your skin and leave your wound open so that it can heal with healthy tissue. Surgery for anal fistula is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. The surgery usually takes between a quarter of an hour and half an hour. An anal fistula is a tunnel that forms between the inside of the anus and the skin surrounding the anus. This is often repaired with a surgical procedure called a fistulotomy. The primary goal is to repair the fistula without damaging the anal sphincter muscles, which are necessary for fecal continence, the ability to hold fecal material in your rectum. The goal of the surgery is a balance between getting rid of the fistula while protecting the anal sphincter muscles, which could cause incontinence if damaged.

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